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Custom Street Creative Studio was founded by Tawni Furr and her love of creativity and all things DIY. Tawni's goal was to offer a creative environment where everyone (and she means everyone!) can enjoy creating quality crafts, at an affordable price, with the freedom to customize it their way. Whether you're a seasoned artist or new to the scene, the Custom Street team guarantees you'll leave feeling inspired, and with something you'll be proud to show off! While we work on bringing this creative space to a brick and mortar reality, we are proud to offer traveling DIY parties, DIY at home kits, made to order items, face painting services and more!

Tawni and her family moved from Pennsylvania back to her husband's hometown of Albemarle, NC in 2021. She is happily married to Josh Furr and they have 3 adorable kids. For as long as she can remember, Tawni has been creative. From painting and drawing to printmaking and woodworking, Tawni's artistic interests extend far and wide. Her experience with art instruction and studio management inspired her to bring an innovative outlet to a community that lacked just that. Tawni is looking forward to introducing something new to the community and can't wait to see what others create! 

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